FAQ Glossary
Can be related to your currency which means you have filled your storage, and in order to increase it, you need to upgrade your Vault or Headquarters structure or it is related to the capacity of your Hospital and Cover Factory – in order to increase it you need to upgrade them.
Commander Ability
Once you construct Arsenal structure, it allows you to summon commander abilities on to the battlefield that will give you the cutting edge you need in order to claim victory!
It’s the type of your phone or tablet, understanding your device helps us fix you issue, whether it is IPhone 6 or Nexus Tablet!
Gems are our premium currency that you can buy or acquire during gameplay, gems are used to skip waiting parts of our game.
The system that is in place to put you against other opponents from the whole world!
It’s Icon that represents your Commander in the top left corner. As you progress the game, more icons unlock.
Structure that gathers precious resources for you passively over time and it allows you to send scouts to gather additional scrap, coins even gems!
Special ability
Every soldier has a special ability that you can activate upon tapping on the soldier and then tapping on the desired target.
Structure that protects your precious resources from being stolen in vicious multiplayer battles, as you continue to upgrade your Vault structure, more resources are safe from raiders.